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Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator

China Shanghai Puyi Industrial Co., Ltd. certification
China Shanghai Puyi Industrial Co., Ltd. certification
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Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator

Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator
Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator

Large Image :  Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator

Product Details:
Place of Origin: SHANGHAI CHINA
Brand Name: PY
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 230*72*43
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Paller with stretch film
Delivery Time: 10-15 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Width: 230mm Pitch: 72mm
Link: 43 Material: Rubber And Steel
Overall Length: 3096mm Weight: 46.87kg
High Light:

rubber excavator tracks


undercarriage rubber tracks

Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator:



DM10 (AGRI3) 230X72X43 3.01 (COMET) 230X72X43 N120 (HANIX)
DM10 (AICHI) 230X72X43 3.01 (COMET-IMECA) 230X72X43 N120R (HANIX)
WY1.3 (ANGEL) 230X72X43 C4200 (COMMANDER) 230X72X43 N150 (HANIX)
A12B (ANTEC) 230X72X43 H15 (COMMANDER) 230X72X43 N150R (HANIX)
A14SA (ANTEC) 230X72X43 C20 (COMOTER) 230X72X43 C15 (HINOWA)
30 (APAGEO) 250X72X43 DM2.1 (DODICH) 230X72X43 DM15 (HINOWA)
30 (APAGEO) 230X72X43 FUTURO (DOMINE) 230X72X43 DM15S (HINOWA)
120 (ATLAS) 230X72X43 DRAGO SWISS (DRAGO) 230X72X43 DM55 (HINOWA)
120RF (ATLAS) 230X72X43 650S (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 HP1500 (HINOWA)
404 (ATLAS) 230X72X43 EB10 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 HR15.1 (HINOWA)
404R (ATLAS) 230X72X43 EB10.4 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 PT15 (HINOWA)
CT10N (ATLAS) 230X72X43 EB11 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 PT15G (HINOWA)
CT12N (ATLAS) 230X72X43 EB12 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 VT1550 (HINOWA)
102 (BARALDI) 230X72X43 EB12.4 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 VT1550.2V (HINOWA)
EB40 (BARALDI) 230X72X43 EB14 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 VT1650 (HINOWA)
FB1.02 (BARALDI) 230X72X43 EB14.2 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 VT1650.2V (HINOWA)
FB1.2 (BARALDI) 230X72X43 EB14.4 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 UE15 (HITACHI)
FB102 (BARALDI) 230X72X43 EB150XR (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 UE15SR (HITACHI)
FB102B (BARALDI) 230X72X43 EB271 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 HZC20 (HOLMAC)
M13 (BENATI) 230X72X43 EC14 (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 HZC26 (HOLMAC)
M14 (BENATI) 230X72X43 EC15BXR (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 HZC292X (HOLMAC)
9.01 (BENFRA) 230X72X43 SIRIUS (ECOMAT) 230X72X43 R13700 (HOLMAC)
9.01B (BENFRA) 230X72X43 140HVS (EUROCAT) 230X72X43 R13700 (HOLMAN)
9.02 (BENFRA) 230X72X43 140LSE (EUROCAT) 230X72X43 DXR310 (HUSQVARNA)
9.02S (BENFRA) 230X72X43 150LSE (EUROCAT) 230X72X43 14G2 (HUTTER)
T41 (BERETTA) 230X72X43 E1500 (EUROCOMACH) 230X72X43 H20 (HYDROMAC)
T43 (BERETTA) 230X72X43 E1500S (EUROCOMACH) 230X72X43 C4200 (HYDROMAC)
T45 (BERETTA) 230X72X43 E1500SB (EUROCOMACH) 230X72X43 H20 (HYDRORAIN)
X119 (BOBCAT) 230X72X43 ES150 (EUROCOMACH) 230X72X43 14G (IHI)
X120 (BOBCAT) 230X72X43 ES150.2 (EUROCOMACH) 230X72X43 IS10C (IHI)
X122 (BOBCAT) 230X72X43 ES180 (EUROCOMACH) 230X72X43 IS10F (IHI)
K413 (CARMIX) 230X72X43 ES180.2 (EUROCOMACH) 230X72X43 IS10FX (IHI)
K414 (CARMIX) 230X72X43 GEO205 (EUROFOR) 230X72X43 IS10G (IHI)
K415 (CARMIX) 230X72X43 T4 (EUROTRACH) 230X72X43 IS10GX (IHI)
TEL28 (CELA) 230X72X43 212 (FAI) 230X72X43 IS10S (IHI)
10 (CHIEFTAN) 230X72X43 SAMBRON (FDI) 230X72X43 IS11X (IHI)
10F (CHIEFTAN) 230X72X43 PL (FRASTE) 230X72X43 IS12 (IHI)
10G (CHIEFTAN) 230X72X43 A12 (GEHLMAX) 230X72X43 IS12C (IHI)
10S (CHIEFTAN) 230X72X43 A12B (GEHLMAX) 230X72X43 IS12G (IHI)
12 (CHIEFTAN) 230X72X43 A14SA (GEHLMAX) 230X72X43 IS12GX (IHI)
12G (CHIEFTAN) 230X72X43 M135 (GEHLMAX) 230X72X43 IS12S (IHI)
GC403 (CHIKUSUI) 200X72X43 M135S (GEHLMAX) 230X72X43 IS14 (IHI)
GC50 (CHIKUSUI) 200X72X43 MB138 (GEHLMAX) 230X72X43 IS14.3 (IHI)
403 (CHIKUSUI) 230X72X43 MB148 (GEHLMAX) 230X72X43 IS14G (IHI)
CC300 (CHIKUSUI) 230X72X43 WY1.3B (GUANGXI) 230X72X43 IS14GX (IHI)
CC800 (CHIKUSUI) 250X72X43 MF450 (GUIDETTI) 230X72X43 IS14GX2 (IHI)
M12 (CME) 230X72X43 150 (HAINZL) 230X72X43 IS14GX3 (IHI)
M15 (CME) 230X72X43 150LSE (HAINZL) 230X72X43 IS14PX (IHI)
HE1.15 (IMEF) 230X72X43 1400RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 MINICAT 22 (PICCINI)
HE12 (IMEF) 230X72X43 1402 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 HR15.1 (PRESSOIL)
HE14 (IMEF) 230X72X43 1402RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 RME170 (RENDERS)
HE14S (IMEF) 230X72X43 1402RD PRIMUS (NEUSON) 230X72X43 20 (ROCK)
HE16 (IMEF) 230X72X43 1402RD SLR (NEUSON) 230X72X43 20 (ROSSI)
HE16S (IMEF) 230X72X43 1500 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 R103.3 (ROSSI)
14G (IMER) 230X72X43 1500RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 R105.3 (ROSSI)
CT10 (IWAFUJI) 230X72X43 1500RD SLR (NEUSON) 230X72X43 HR02 (SCHAEFF)
CT10N (IWAFUJI) 230X72X43 1501 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 210 (SEDIDRIL)
CT12 (IWAFUJI) 230X72X43 1502 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 250 (SEDIDRIL)
CT12N (IWAFUJI) 230X72X43 1502RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 CC104 (SHIN-TOWA)
801 (JCB) 230X72X43 1502RD SLR (NEUSON) 230X72X43 CC204 (SHIN-TOWA)
801R (JCB) 230X72X43 1600 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 CC205 (SHIN-TOWA)
15 (JOHN DEERE) 230X72X43 1902RD SLR (NEUSON) 230X72X43 CC265 (SHIN-TOWA)
103 (KAIDI) 230X72X43 2000 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 CC266 (SHIN-TOWA)
103.3 (KAIDI) 230X72X43 2000RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 CC285 (SHIN-TOWA)
WY 1.5 (KAIDI) 230X72X43 2100 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 TC204 (SHIN-TOWA)
SK014 (KOBELCO) 230X72X43 2100RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 45 (SILEA)
PC09FR.1 (KOMATSU) 200X72X43 2300 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 14 (SILLA)
KH41 (KUBOTA) 230X72X43 2300RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 SB15 (SOMA)
16H (LEO) 200X72X43 2500 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 200H (STENUICK)
25 (LEO) 200X72X43 2500RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 LS500FXJ (SUMITOMO)
12G (LEO) 230X72X43 2700 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 LS600FXJ (SUMITOMO)
16GT (LEO) 230X72X43 2700RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 LS600FXJ3 (SUMITOMO)
16T (LEO) 230X72X43 HY27/16 (NIKO) 230X72X43 LS600PXJ3 (SUMITOMO)
22T (LEO) 230X72X43 HY38/16 (NIKO) 230X72X43 S50F2 (SUMITOMO)
23 (LEO) 230X72X43 N120 (NISSAN) 230X72X43 S50F2K (SUMITOMO)
23H (LEO) 230X72X43 N120R (NISSAN) 230X72X43 S50K (SUMITOMO)
23T (LEO) 230X72X43 N150 (NISSAN) 230X72X43 S60F2 (SUMITOMO)
25T (LEO) 230X72X43 N150R (NISSAN) 230X72X43 TB105 (TAKEUCHI)
500 (MACELROY) 230X72X43 N150R (NISSAN) 230X72X43 TB10S (TAKEUCHI)
SMH400 (MADRO) 230X72X43 TG63150 (PAGANI) 230X72X43 TB120 (TAKEUCHI)
1.16S (MANITOU) 230X72X43 650S (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 TB120R (TAKEUCHI)
TB10 (MAWECO) 230X72X43 EB10 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 TB14 (TAKEUCHI)
TC10 (MAWECO) 230X72X43 EB10.4 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 TB15 (TAKEUCHI)
TB15 (MAXIMA) 230X72X43 EB11 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 TB650 (TAKEUCHI)
500 (MCELROY) 230X72X43 EB12 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 TB650S (TAKEUCHI)
TL10 (MINICARRIER) 230X72X43 EB12.4 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 TL10 (TAKEUCHI)
ME15 (MINIEX) 230X72X43 EB14.2 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 TB106 (TAKEUCHI)
MM18 (MINIMUSTANG) 230X72X43 EB14.4 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 TB16 (TAKEUCHI)
ES180.2 (NAGANO) 230X72X43 EB15 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 K14 (TEKNA)
MX14.1 (NAGANO) 230X72X43 EB150XR (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 K14M (TEKNA)
1200 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 EB271 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 K14S (TEKNA)
1200RD (NEUSON) 230X72X43 SIRIUS (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 K15 (TEKNA)
1202 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 SIRIUS 271 (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 2514B (TERRA JET)
1302 (NEUSON) 230X72X43 SIRIUS PLUS (PEL-JOB) 230X72X43 5515A (TERRA JET)
LEO16GT (TEUPEN) 200X72X43 B10 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 YB10.2 (YANMAR)
LEO16H (TEUPEN) 200X72X43 B12 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 YB121 (YANMAR)
LEO16T (TEUPEN) 200X72X43 B12.1 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 YB151 (YANMAR)
LEO22T (TEUPEN) 200X72X43 B12.2 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 YBT650 (YANMAR)
LEO23H (TEUPEN) 200X72X43 B12.3 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 YTB650 (YANMAR)
LEO23T (TEUPEN) 200X72X43 B12.3PR (YANMAR) 230X72X43 A12B (YGRY)
LEO25 (TEUPEN) 200X72X43 B12PR (YANMAR) 230X72X43 A14SA (YGRY)
LEO25T (TEUPEN) 200X72X43 B14 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 M120 (YGRY)
500 (TRACKSTAR) 230X72X43 B14.1 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 SA140 (YGRY)
C20 (TZ) 230X72X43 B15 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 Y12 (YGRY)
1.03 (UTEX) 230X72X43 B17 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 Y12B (YGRY)
VF121 (VENIERI) 230X72X43 B17.1 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 Y14 (YGRY)
VF141 (VENIERI) 230X72X43 B17.2 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 Y14B (YGRY)
VF161 (VENIERI) 230X72X43 B17PR (YANMAR) 230X72X43 R103.3 (YUCHAI)
VF171 (VENIERI) 230X72X43 Y12 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 R105.3 (YUCHAI)
EC14 (VOLVO) 230X72X43 Y12B (YANMAR) 230X72X43 WY 1.3 (YUCHAI)
EC15BXR (VOLVO) 230X72X43 Y14 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 YC15.7 (YUCHAI)
EC15R (VOLVO) 230X72X43 YB10 (YANMAR) 230X72X43 YC15.8 (YUCHAI)
EC15RB (VOLVO) 230X72X43 YB10.1 (YANMAR) 230X72X43  



Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator 0

Commodity: Excavator Track(230*72*43)



Link and lenght can be adjustable

Warranty:Guarantee one year under normal use



mainly used in excavator and other model number can be used

in snowblower,snowmobile,robot,wheelchair,(mini) excavators,track loaders,pitch


2. Characteristics of rubber track:

1). Less damage to the ground surface

2). Low noise

3). High running speed

4). Less vibration;

5). Low ground contack specific pressure

6). High tractive force

7). Light weight

8). Easy to change


3. Parameters:


size width*pitch
link A B C D F pattern guiding
130*72 29-40 23 64.5 28 28 15 AF1 A2
150*60 32-40 22 64 22.5 24.5 15 AC A2
150*72 29-40 23 64 23 23 15 AC A2
170*60 30-40 19 57 22 22 13 CE A1
180*60 30-40 23.5 64 21 21.5 15 AM A1
180*72 31-43 25 68 29 29 15 BK A2
180*72K 32-48 20 61 22 19.5 17 BB1 B2
B180*72 31-43 23 66 30 29 15 BB1 B2
H180*72 30-50 23 64 27 26 17 BK A2
190*60 30-40 23.5 64 21 21.5 14 AM A1
190*72 31-41 21 68 27.5 26.5 15 BF A2
200*72 34-47 23 76 28.5 26.5 18 BB1 A2
200*72K 37-47 21 69 29.5 29 18 BM A2


4. Rubber Track Characteristic



1.Rubber tracks cause less damage to roads than steel tracks, and less rutting on soft ground than steel tracks

2.A benefit to equipment operating in congested areas, rubber tracks make less noise than steel tracks

3.Rubber tracks permit machines to travel at a higher speed than steel tracks

4.Rubber tracks insulated machine and operator from vibraion, exteding the service life of machine and decreasing operator's fatigue


5. The notices of using rubber tracks



1. Adjust the tension of the rubber crawler so that the height, the variable range is 10-20mm when the machine is lifted. Readjust when the tension decreases.(Be careful because the rubber crawler may come off if the tension is too low).

2. Avoid projection from the frame around the rubber crawler, especially on its inner circumference.(Rubber crawlers are easily deformed; if it comes into contact with the frame, an accident such the rubber being cut can occur).

3. Avoid sharp projections when traveling.

4.Avoid turning too fast on concrete roads with a high coefficient of frction because this can cause accidents such as cutting the rubber.


6. Rubber Track Packing and QC


Yanmar C6r Volvo Ec15rb Rubber Track 230*72*43 for Excavator 1


7. About us:

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Rubber Track,Rubber Track for Harvesting Excvavtor,Rubber Track for Skid Steer

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